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 Questions from an atheist.

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Questions from an atheist. Empty
PostSubject: Questions from an atheist.   Questions from an atheist. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 09, 2008 10:52 pm

Okay, so I had a couple of Questions.

For one, Do you actually believe
Random Fact
In the year 2012, watch for a comet going to hit the earth. The Bible holds secret messages in Hebrew, they told of John F Kenedy and Sadam Hussein, before they happened, but we have just come across them a few years ago. And one of the secret messages says, comet, hit earth, 2012, So Keep Praying!

I mean, believing in an invisible sky daddy is bad enough, but when you think that there are secret messages in that book, I have to wonder.

Did you know? The bible forbids going near a woman when she's on her period or you and her and everything you or her touch becomes unclean?

Did you know? The bible says that any woman that dawns men's clothing or vice versa is an abomination.

Did you know? The bible says that if you work on the "sabbath" you should be stoned to death.

Did you know? The bible says that if you burn on the "sabbath" you should be stoned to death.

Did you know? The bible says that if a boy is rebellious and not cooperative he should be stoned to death by all the men in town.

Let's all grab our stoning hats!

Did you know? there is NO evidence to support a God at all? Not even archeological!

Did you know? there is NO evidence that Moses even existed, nor any evidence to support the existence of Jesus.

Did you know? Any and all accounts written about Jesus were written nearly a decade after his supposed death.

Did you know? That the bible supports Rape?

Did you know? That the bible has more than 405 Contradictions in it, as well as numerous more impossibilities and flat out absurdities.

Did you know? That every christian I've talked to doesn't know their own bible enough to know how many sheep were taken on the Ark with Moses?

Did you know? That most Christians believe that the world is only 6 thousand years old, which is 300 years younger than beer?

...It is assumed that a fermented cereal drink similar to beer existed in Sumer, Akkad, Babylonia, and Assyria as early as seven thousand years before Christ....
But most modern christian estimates would rate the world at only 6000 years old due to calculations found in the bible. But these may be flawed, because the bible rates pi at 3 as opposed to 3.14159, which at that time the Greeks or Romans had already calculated pi to 20 decimal places.

Did you know? That If I can't ask you any question from the bible and get a correct answer 100% of the time, you are going to hell for being a false christian.

Did you know? That all of these things stated above come from the bible you worship?

Perhaps I'll post more later.
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Questions from an atheist.
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